City social WiFi

City Social WiFi is a new and innovative way to manage and use your current broadband and an unbelievable tool to monetise your WiFi.

We offer a special solution focused on the city of London named LONDON SOCIAL WIFI and able to create a strong and profitable network between  users and enterpreneurs within the same city and geographical contest.

London Social WiFi is phisically a normal router attachable to the existing broadband but with many more features and applications to increase your visibility and profit in the fast-growing London market. Basically London Social WiFi is a surplous value to earn from your WiFi, be known, advertise, promote your services/products, acquire clients and build loyalty.

If you give your Wifi to you clients completely for free Why not finding a way to get money  from it?
London Social WiFi is the best solution ever to do it.

How can London Social WiFi monetise your Broadband?
When users connect to your London Social WiFi they can immediately see the difference. They will have:

It is unbelievably easy and quick being connected because they can log directly from their social networks.
End-users advantages:
-they don’t need additional passwords to be connected, they only will be asked to choose which social network they prefer or if they prefer logging with their email address.
It is the easier and faster solution ever.
Business advantages:
-hold users’s details for personalise your next campaigns (note that users’s data from social networks are much more detailed than any other source and you can really customise your future marketing strategies)
-get many and many likes or followers for your pages (users will be naturally asked to like or follow you social page)
-get many posts and check in for your facebook page (users will be naturally asked to post on their timetables through a prearranged post where it is showed where they are).
-safety and security about every person who connect to your WiFi: every detail will be saved and tracked
This application can really increase businesses visibility.

It is possible create many special offers for end users who can immediately display coupons and download a code to get them. It is also possible personalise coupons focusing on differentieted targets or needs. Links generated by coupon pages can be shared on Social Media and obtain an incredible visibility.
End-users advantages:
-they can easily obtain offers they could not have in any other way saving money and enjoying personal deals.
-they can be plaesed to come in your place
Business advantages:
-get much more clients in your place
-get visibility and loyalty: people love offers and they always share and spread this kind of benefits.
-track the functionality of your coupons through data analysis and detailed statistics.
-make your coupons visible

App to create simple games that users can play to win something. They ask for a code, insert it in the specific area and discover if they are the winners.
End-users advantages:
-they can have fun playing the game, be involved in your activities and win something!
Business advantages:
-get much more clients in your place
-build customers’s loyalty
-save many details

This app allows to display a list of point of interest (such as cafès, restaurants, parks, medical centres etc.) close to them where they are connected to London Social WiFi
End-users advantages:
-get information about what to do near the location and have one more reason to visit you again.
Business advantages:
-build loyalty and get more clients.

App which allows people to chat together, both in the same WiFi area and wherever in London if they are connected to another London Social WiFi