Spot news is an useful app to access to the latest news through the splash portal where it is possible to read headlines before the login and read the whole article after the login.

It allows the selection of the categories to publish (e.g. news, economy, foreign affairs, medicine, sport, etc.) and the newspapers to include in the press review.


Control Panel management

By clicking the Manage button it is possible to manage the information to display to the Splash Portal.

It is possible to specify:

  • Categories
  • Newspapers

Categories are a way to group newspapers. For example it is possible to create categories such breaking news, current affairs, sports, politics, business, current, etc., by clicking the Add category button.

Once here, it is possible to define a new category.

Through the Add newspaper, it is possible to add a newspaper.

As first step, it is necessary to specify the RSS source where news must be taken from and click the Verify button.

After this step, the RSS source will be verified. If the entered source is valid, then it is required to specify some data, that are:

  • the name of the newspaper
  • the appropriate category for the newspaper (these are the categories above mentioned)
  • a small logo for the newspaper
  • a big logo for the newspaper

Once defined, the newspaper will be displayed in the page.

Through the Remove newspapers buttons, it is possible to remove newspapers.
Please note that the application comes with some predefined newspapers. It is possible to remove only the newspapers defined by the user.

It is also possible to delete a category, by clicking the Remove categories button. It is possible to remove only the categories defined by the user.
Please be aware of the fact that the deletion of a category, will cause also the removal of all associated newspapers.

By clicking the Preview button, it is possible to check the origin of the news you are going to publish to the Splash Portal according to the current settings.
By clicking the Save button, the current settings will be saved and applied to the Splash Portal.

These actions can be performed by the Tenant and, if the Management is Differentiated and the Responsibility is assigned to the WiFi Area, also by the WiFi Area Owner.


By clicking the Settings button for an application in the common App section, the Tenant is able to set the following access and usage rules:

  • Management: this option indicates the access policies for each application. It is necessary to specify one of the following values:
    • Unified: only the Tenant is able to configure the application, by clicking the button Manage, and this configuration is applied to all WiFi Areas managed by the Tenant. WiFi Area Owners are not able to perform any action on them. The button Manage and the  button Uninstall can be viewed only by the Tenant.
    • Differentiated: each WiFi Area can be configured separately, and the settings and the available options depend on the value specified for the Responsibility option (as explained below).
  • Responsibility: this option is available only if the Management is Differentiated. One of the following values must be specified:
    • Tenant: the Tenant can manage and configure independently each application for any WiFi Area, through the options in the Apps tab of the WiFi Area section for the wished WiFi Area. The button Manage and the  button Uninstall can be viewed neither by the Tenant nor the WiFi Area Owner.
    • WiFi Area: the Tenant and the WiFi Area Owner are both able to configure the applications. The WiFi Area Owner can do this by clicking the Manage button, the Tenant has to open the Apps tab in the WiFi Area section, for the wished WiFi Area. The button Manage and the  button Uninstall can be viewed only by the the WiFi Area Owner.

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