Proximity marketing is a new application for venues looking for a way to quickly and easily deliver targeted, localized marketing campaigns to customers through different channels.

Where your clients log in to your Social WiFi you can save their data (phone number, email, IP address, name etc) and thanks to the app Proximity Marketing you can decide to send them SMS or Email to show your offers and coupons or just to say “thank you” in order to express your gratitude!

You can personalize every content and decide how, where and when keep in touch with your clients, strengthen brand promotion and make direct marketing campaigns more successful and cost-effective. In addition your Social WiFi can recognize previous registered users’s IP when they are around your local and reachable from your WiFi signal: in that moment you can send them any message you want too.

This is a very strong and effective marketing tool.

Five simple steps to add this option to your Social WiFi and define your campaign:
1) TRIGGER: select a triggering event such as a site visit, a sign-in, a connection, a browsing or a logout;


proximity inizio add new

2) CHANNEL: select appropriate channels for delivery such as SMS, email, mobile app, in-browser and/or social media;

proximity market, scegli email o sms

3) SCOPE: narrow the target of the campaign by specified conditions.It is possible to direct your campaign to different people and involve clients based on their demographic profile, age, gender, loyality , frequency, time slot, location etc.

proximity customize campaign target

4) CONTENT: choose customized content which can deploy images, rich text, video, coupons, internet plans – whatever supports the message of the campaign.

proximity scelta contenuti

5) SUMMARY: choose the name and the exact validity of your campaigns.

proximity summary