Places is the right choice to provide end-users a complete and detailed map of the main points of interest close to your Wi-Fi area. It allows end-users to find the desired location, including related contacts.

Specifically it offers an overview of location details on a map, including open street view.

The display of the various categories of services can be easily enabled through the Control Panel.
The application works even for end-users who did not perform the authentication on the Splash Portal. Anyway, only logged end-users are able to explore and navigate into the map. Unlogged end-users will be able to display only a static map.


Control Panel management

By clicking the Manage button it is possible to enable different categories of services (such as cafes, gas stations, hotels, restaurants, cinema, etc.) that end-users can look for on the Splash Portal.

This action can be performed by the Tenant and, if the Responsibility is assigned to the WiFi Area, also by the WiFi Area Owner.


By clicking the Settings button for an application in the common App section, the Tenant is able to set the following access and usage rules:

  • Management: this option indicates the access policies for each application. It is necessary to specify one of the following values:
    • Unified: only the Tenant is able to configure the application, by clicking the button Manage, and this configuration is applied to all WiFi Areas managed by the Tenant. WiFi Area Owners are not able to perform any action on them. The button Manage and the  button Uninstall can be viewed only by the Tenant.
    • Differentiated: each WiFi Area can be configured separately, and the settings and the available options depend on the value specified for the Responsibility option (as explained below).
  • Responsibility: this option is available only if the Management is Differentiated. One of the following values must be specified:
    • Tenant: the Tenant can manage and configure independently each application for any WiFi Area, through the options in the Apps tab of the WiFi Area section for the wished WiFi Area. The button Manage and the  button Uninstall can be viewed neither by the Tenant nor the WiFi Area Owner.
    • WiFi Area: the Tenant and the WiFi Area Owner are both able to configure the applications. The WiFi Area Owner can do this by clicking the Manage button, the Tenant has to open the Apps tab in the WiFi Area section, for the wished WiFi Area. The button Manage and the  button Uninstall can be viewed only by the the WiFi Area Owner.

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