You have the possibility to decide to offer your WiFi connection for free to you customers or create slots so they will pay depending on the time connection.

On this second case you can receive the payment personally, so the customer is asking you the password in change of the payment, or you can facilitate this option online through PayPal, performing a secure payment procedure on the PayPal website.

Through the Online Payments section, accessible from the Settings menu, it is possible to allow end-users to buy their Internet plans by using their PayPal account.

The following options are available:

  • Enable PayPal: by selecting this option it is possible to allow end-users to pay with PayPal through the Splash Portal in order to access the service. The possible values for this option are:
    • Yes: PayPal payments are allowed in the Splash Portal.
    • No: PayPal payments are not allowed in the Splash Portal. So end-users have to go physically to the WiFi Area Owner asking for a service PIN, in order to access the service.