Thanks to Click Analysis, it is possible to identify the most clicked areas and the less visited ones, analyzing how many times a specific banner is clicked in every hour of the day, all this to know the performance of the splash portal.

Click Analysis allows you to monitor the effectiveness of Clickable images published on the Splash Portal, providing accurate statistics on the number of clicks received for each of them, in every hour of the day.

Please note that a Clickable image is a particular content block acting as a banner, that is configurable from the Splash Portals section.

The Tenant can view the statistics for all visible WiFi Areas, or for a particular WiFi Area. The WiFi Area Owner only can see the statistics for the WiFi Area that he is able to manage.

Control Panel management

By clicking the Manage button it is possible to view the statistics based on the end-users’ click to the clickable images on the Splash Portal.

Through the appropriate drop-down menu at the top of the page content, it is possible to see statistics for the following time intervals:

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Last seven days
  • Current month
  • Last month
  • Last six months
  • Current year
  • Last year

The Tenant can also filter results by selecting a particular WiFi Area, through the Filter button at the top of the page content.

The charts displayed on the page are the following:

  • Clicks: this is a line chart, displaying the number of end-users’ click during the time interval specified.
  • Sites: this is a pie chart, displaying in percentage the URLs where end-users have been redirected to after clicking a banner, during the time interval specified.
  • In addition, for each URL displayed in the Sites, a line chart is displayed. This indicates the number of end-users’ click for the URL specified, during the time interval specified.